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Why does my business need a CPA?

If you are a small business owner, you need an accountant. A Certified Public Accountant can help you not only with bookkeeping and taxes, but can help you make decisions about investment, expansion and outside capital. As a trusted financial partner, a CPA will also ensure you are in compliance with the ever-changing state and federal tax laws, and will help you navigate relationships with your creditors, investors, employees and other stakeholders. Surviving and thriving as a small business is not guaranteed. Staying abreast of ever-changing reporting requirements, rules and regulations, not to mention tax codes, is best left to professionals who make that their business. The more time you can invest in running your business, the greater chance you have of owning that business, five, ten or twenty years from now. If you like, Thomas Preston CPA, will help you set up a computerized accounting system that allows you to track your business in real time. Do as much accounting on your own, or as little as you choose and let us do the rest. You’ll be more comfortable knowing you have a dedicated team of professionals to help with your accounting needs.

Tom Preston has the experience:


years owning and operating successful small businesses


years as a tax-preparer


years as Assistant Professor of Accounting at Davis and Elkins College
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Questions we can help answer:

No matter the size of your business, you will face operational challenges. It’s a great comfort to have a relationship with a knowledgeable CPA firm to help answer the questions that keep you up at night:

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Mr. Preston was very knowledgeable with our tax preparation, especially with changes due to the pandemic. He was very patient with us, answered all our questions satisfactorily. He always texted, emailed, or called in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend Mr. Preston for any accounting need.
— Diane & Ed Rader
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Mr Preston (CPA) is by far the best accountant I have ever used. Whether complex, multi business accounting or a simple filing of one's personal income tax. Mr. Preston gets the job done on time, accurately, and in my experience with multiple accountants over the years, affordably. I highly recommend his services.
— J. Cyr
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We have used Tom to prepare our tax returns many times since moving to West Virginia. He is an excellent CPA. Tom is very thorough and knowledgeable on the new changing tax regulations. We highly recommend his tax services.
— The Pattersons, Canaan Valley, WV
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